The pop-up music festival Acoussion is a festival on wheels that is held at a different picturesque or fascinating venue in Estonia each time. When choosing the line-up of the festival the emphasis is not only on stylistical but also on ethnical diversity (so far there have been artists from Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, France, Great Britain, Germany and Russia and the performances have been in Estonian, English, Russian, Irish, French etc.).

One of the most important nuances of the festival is the use of pop-up stages. In addition to the usual stages, there are more intimately arranged stages at the most unexpected locations. This brings the music closer to the audience and creates a unique atmosphere.

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Acoussion festivals. Photos: Elina Kasesalu / Indrek Kasesalu

Acoussion Live  2016. Video: Elina Kasesalu / Indrek Kasesalu